Goals Identified to Promote the Philosophy:

  • To ensure that all patients are provided with comprehensive skilled nursing care services through a coordinated individualized Plan of Care.
  • To maintain clients in their homes as long as possible through nursing care and related health services.
  • To provide treatment with dignity, courtesy, and respect.
  • To provide all levels of home care service in collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals thus allowing patients to remain in their own homes.
  • To assist patients in using all restorative methods, tools, and procedures to return patients to their optimal level of function.
  • To provide cost‑competitive, quality services.
  • To promote early recovery or maximum rehabilitation in the patient’s home environment.
  • To provide a broad base of services with patient demand governing the
    scope, allowing patients to be involved in establishing, implementing, and evaluating services.
  • To provide effective channels of communication with the patient, physician and other organizations and healthcare providers within the health care community.
  • To increase the awareness of health related issues to members of the community.
  • To provide home health services to those in need regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sexual preference, sex, status, age, handicap, or source of payment.
  • To provide continuity of health care to facilitate uninterrupted service within the health care system.
  • To develop a relationship with referral sources to effectively meet our patients’ home care needs.
  • To ensure patient privacy during interview, examination, and treatment.
  • To increase patient participation in decisions concerning their home health care to achieve maximum independence.
  • To function as a liaison between our patients and available community resources and assist our patients in coping with their needs and problems.
  • To provide and coordinate the delivery of home health care services to maximize resources and minimize cost.
  • To foster professional and personal satisfaction of all employees by maintaining a positive environment that stimulates pride and professional growth.
Aven Home Health Services
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